Maasin holds BEC Facilitators Congress

BEC Team on the 7th Annual BEC Facilitators' Congress of the Diocese of Maasin last April 7-8, 2017 (Sanjie Gan Facebook Profile)
BEC Team on the 7th Annual BEC Facilitators’ Congress of the Diocese of Maasin last April 7-8, 2017 (Sanjie Gan Facebook Profile)
The Diocese of Maasin held their 7 th BEC Facilitators Congress last April 7-8, 2017 with the theme “The Parish as Communion of Communities: Forming BECs as Agents of Communion, Participation and Mission.”
Mr. Harlem Gozo, the BEC director of the Diocese of Maasin, explained in an interview that this annual gathering of parish facilitators in the whole Diocese symbolizes their participation to the call of this Year of the Parish.
“This is our heralding of the Year of the Parish. This will continue the efforts that have begun–a constant reminder to maintain the awareness and improve BEC programs for the poor,” the director explained.
“It aims to update and deepen our knowledge and fellowship about BEC, to share the best practices and experience through reporting BEC activities in Parishes, promote Alay Kapwa in particular and the Diocesan Social Action Programs and Encourage more membership and participation of our Diocese of Maasin BEC Credit Cooperative,” he added.
The 2-day event included talks, sharing and fellowship, a parade, Masses, Vicariate reporting and meetings.
For the past few year, Maasin BEC Director noted some positive effects of this Congress saying it helps BEC Facilitators understand deeper the role of BECs and prepares them for their tasks.
“[This congress] Inspires to conduct formation programs and train more BEC Facilitators, encourages all to develop programs for the poor, it is an avenue to discuss issues and offer recommendations and helps the understanding of new forms of BEC to be appreciated,” Mr. Gozo said.
“The BEC Facilitators who have attended the Congress are also expected to gather more BEC Facilitators through Formation Programs, to continue and persevere as BEC Facilitators and animators, invite everyone (especially the “unchurched”) for active participation in the life of the Parish and to plan and implement programs for the poor: as outlined in the Pastoral Letter, November 2016, of our Bishop Precioso Cantillas, SDB,” he also noted.
Every year, the seven (7) Vicariates takes turns in hosting the BEC Congress – this year it was held in St. John the Baptist Parish, San Juan, So. Leyte (Pacific Vicariate) where a total number of 333 registered participants was present and accommodated by different “foster” families in the host parish. (Christine Paguirigan/CBCPNews)

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