‘The Church gives me Hope’

'The Church gives me Hope'


People from around the world differ in beliefs, values, and tradition; we have different tastes for fashion, food, etc. But these doesn’t mean we all have to be the same for us to be one. After all, there is unity in diversity.


Photo from CBCP News
Photo from CBCP News

In this world full of disparity, there’s the Church helping us make our ‘differences’ be not the cause of any division.

In line with this mission, The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has declared 2017 as the Year of the Parish as Communion of communities.

“In a special way we shall probe into our efforts of making the parish a communion of communities, a communion of Basic Ecclesial Communities and of covenanted faith- communities and ecclesial movements. We shall discern and implement measures on how communities of consecrated life may be more integrated into the life and mission of the parish. In brief, our focus will be the building of a parish that is truly a faith community immersed in the lives of its people.”

As a youth who is currently witnessing the cruel side of the world—violence, crime, war, name it—the Church gives me hope. With all of these going on around the world, it is not impossible for a person to question or even lose faith to God. But, that is what the Church is for: to help Basic Ecclesial Communities in every parish be as involved as they can to strengthen their faith and find answers to what bothers them.

The Church has always been a guide to everyone, a moral compass… a savior. However, the faith we have is like school grades; it’s fluctuating, never stable. The goal now is to make the people bring the word of God with them always. No matter what situation they are in.

Little by little, through numerous activities organized by the Church, people especially the youth from different communities start to realize how important it is to be not only faithful to God but also serve Him actively.

This year is a call for unity. To end global problems, one must start within small communities first. How do we do that?

By breaking the barriers from a person and his neighbor then, the barriers from a neighbor to another neighbor. Sharing the word of God is a good starter. No matter what your differences are, you will truly be one when it His word you are talking. You shall find the sense of responsibility for your neighbor—when one is having a brief experience with the other who is able to fully carry out the moral, acceptable behavior—because it governs the way we relate with the Other.

The Church will surely make you feel at home. Thus, you shall find belonging-ness if ever you are looking for it.

The activities are not just simple activities wherein you put effort for the sake of participating.
They are conducted to teach everyone a lesson. What is it? It is for you to answer.
May we let the Church help us re-build the faith we almost lost.

Written by Kate Dollot

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